President:  John Watts

Secretary: Tammy Watts

Our Patron:  Alan Overton OAM

Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions?

The information provided on this page should answer most of the questions you may have about N.S.W. Push And Power Sports Inc. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, or if you can think of a question that hasn't been answered here, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us using any of the methods shown on the CONTACTS page. We will be happy to help you out to the best of our ability and add that information to this page.

General Questions

  1. What is Push and Power Sports?
  2. Who runs Push and Power Sports?
  3. Who funds Push and Power Sports?
  4. Who can join the organisation?
  5. How do I join?
  6. How much does it cost to join?
  7. Do I have to be disabled to join?
  8. Where are the games played?
  9. How do I form a team?
  10. I want to help out - what can I do?

Sporting Questions

  1. What sports are played?
  2. Is there an age limit for playing?
  3. Can girls play?
  4. Can able bodied people play?
  5. What is registration?
  6. What type of chair can I use?
  7. Do you provide wheelchairs?
  8. Will I need a uniform?
  9. What would exclude me from playing?
  10. Am I covered by any sort of insurance?

General Questions

  1. What is N.S.W. Push and Power Rugby League Inc.?

    N.S.W. Push and Power Rugby League Inc. is a sports organisation that caters for disabled athletes of all ages and gender using either power drive or manually powered wheelchairs. The sport that we play is a modified version of Rugby League.

  2. Who runs N.S.W. Push and Power Rugby League Inc.?

    N.S.W. Push and Power Rugby League Inc. is administered by a seven member Board Of Management, made up of both able bodied and disabled persons who are elected by the members on an annual basis. The members of the board are all volunteers and donate many hours of their own time in keeping things running smoothly. Any financial or life member of N.S.W. Push And Power Rugby League Inc. may nominate for a position on the board.

  3. Who funds N.S.W. Push and Power Rugby League Inc.?

    Whilst Push And Power is a non-profit organisation and in the past, it has had great support from D-Sport (formerly the N.S.W. Sports Council For The Disabled). D-Sport closed down in December of 2005. The N.S.W. Rugby League (NRL) and Australian Rugby League (ARL) have been great supporters of what Push And Power stands for and have generously assisted in the annual funding of operations in past years.

    Even though donations from outside sources have been generous in the past, most of our funding comes through the annual membership fees and team registration fees. Outside businesses, sporting clubs and individuals sponsor the individual teams within the competition and provide the basic necessities such as uniforms.

    No member of N.S.W. Push And Power Rugby League Inc. is paid their services and 100% of all money collected and/or donated is used to fund the purchase and repair of equipment when required, payment of insurances, venue hiring costs, trophies for players at the end of the competitions and partial funding of the annual awards presentation luncheon.

  4. Who can join the organisation?

    Membership of N.S.W. Push and Power Rugby League Inc. is open to any member of the public, whether they be disabled or not, who wishes to join. However, it is to be noted that under the Constitution of this organisation, all applications for membership must be passed by the Board Of Management prior to approval and an application review process is in place for all persons who wish to become members of Push And Power. Life Members are not required to submit applications or come under the review process.

    We will only accept player membership applications up to Round Four of the Rugby League Season as it will be too late in the season for new players to qualify for a spot in the finals series if they choose to join up later.

    NOTE: No applications for general membership will be accepted after the end of the first half of the Rugby League season.

  5. How do I join?

    If you wish to join N.S.W. Push and Power Rugby League Inc., you may download the required forms, Game Rules and Constitution from our Documents page or you may come to a game day and sign up on the spot.

    If you want more information on N.S.W. Push And Power Rugby League Inc., you can contact us using any of the methods on the Contacts page.

  6. How much does it cost to join?

    The Membership fee of N.S.W. Push and Power Rugby League Inc. is reviewed on an annual basis. To find out the current fee, please contact us. This fee covers player registration for Rugby League and generally is paid by each individual member. In some cases, we have found that the a Club may pay this fee for its members. Unlike many other able bodied sporting organisations, once this fee is paid, there are no weekly ongoing fees to be paid before you can play on the day.

    Team Registration costs are reviewed on an annual basis. To find out the current fee, please contact us. Team Registration costs are generally covered by the sponsors of the teams but if a team does not have an affiliation with a club or any other form of outside funding, each member of the team can pay a portion of the team registration.

    All fees are reviewed annually and announced at the Annual General Meeting.

    NOTE: N.S.W. Push And Power Rugby League Inc. does not provide funding for any teams.

  7. Do I have to be disabled to join?

    It is not a requirement to be disabled for membership of N.S.W. Push And Power Rugby League Inc., however, if you wish to participate in the games, you must be physically disabled to the extent that you would be unable to play mainstream able bodied sports. If a members disability is not obviously apparent, that member may be asked to provide written evidence of their disability in the form of either a letter or medical certificate from a doctor. Don't be offended by this request if you fall into this category as, under our constitution, only disabled persons may play our sports. It is also unfair to our disabled members if a space is taken on a team by a person who can participate in main stream sports.

  8. Where are the games played?

    Unless otherwise noted, all of our games for are played at Kevin Betts Stadium, Ralph Place, Mt Druitt. Phone - (02) 9675 2362. (see map - the venue is the big black square). For people without a car or access to taxis, it is a relatively short distance to Mt Druitt Railway station (about 15 - 20 minutes walk/wheel). Unless otherwise noted, game day is Saturday and kickoff is at 11:00am with games scheduled to finish at 1:00pm. The only exception is for our Rugby League competition Grand Finals Day when we start at 10:30am and run till 1:30pm.

  9. Stadium map

  10. How do I form a team?

    Teams are usually formed through either individual players opting to take responsibility for organising players and funding or another interested party doing the job. Forming a team is as simple as approaching any disabled person who wishes to play and asking if they want to be a part of the team you are forming. It isn't necessary for a team to be organised or run by a member of Push And Power, but if the team manager wishes to play in the competition with their team, assuming they fit the requirements as set out in the rules, then membership will be required.

    As a team manager, there are certain respnsibilities that you would be required to fulfill such as ensuring your teams funding is adequate prior to the start of the competition, registration fees that are required are paid and ensuring that the team will be available on game days. You may also be asked to assist in running games from time to time.

  11. I want to help out in some way - what can I do?

    Some of our individual teams are always on the lookout for sponsorship and management, so if you think you can provide support in this area, you are welcome to come on any game day and talk to team representatives and make your own arrangements. To manage or sponsor a team, there is no requirement to be a member of Push And Power, however it is a nice gesture.

    At the end of the day, what is needed most of all each week to assist us in making each sports day run smoothly and be a success, are people who are willing to help set up the venue, score and time games, run lines and referee games. If you would like to assist us in any of these ways, just come along to a game and present yourself to one of our officials and they will gladly give you a task and a smile. It is preferable that volunteers become members of the organisation so they are covered by our insurance in case of any injuries that may be sustained performing any duties within the playing area (refereeing or running lines).


Sports Questions

  1. What sports are played under the Push and Power banner?

    Currently, the only sport played is Push And Power Rugby League. Balloon Soccer was phased out in 2009 with an alternative and separate Soccer organisation starting a competition in 2010. The Rugby League competition generally runs from March to September for approximately 21 weeks with a 3 week State Of Origin competition mid way through the season. Where possible, games are not scheduled to be played during school holidays or on public holiday weekends so as not to disrupt the plans of families.

  2. Is there an age limit for playing the sports?

    We generally do not set any age limits for players on any of our sporting teams, however it is to be understood that anyone wishing to play must be old enough to understand the rules of the games played and be able to control their wheelchair in a fast moving game environment. As Rugby League is a fast moving contact sport, if there are any concerns about a member being too young to participate, it is advisable for parents to watch a game or two before allowing their child to join a team.

  3. Can girls play?

    Absolutely. N.S.W. Push and Power Rugby League Inc. does not discriminate against players on the basis of gender and actively encourages girls to join one of the teams that play. In fact, some of our teams already have girls playing on them and, at times, they have been known to give the boys a run for their money.

  4. Can able bodied people play the sports?

    We do not allow able bodied persons to partcipate in the sports as players. This is not a case of discrimination, it is simply a question of fairness. It is not fair if we allow able bodied persons to play in the games while we have disabled people on the sidelines watching. We do, however, encourage able bodied persons to become members of N.S.W. Push And Power Rugby League Inc. which would give them voting rights at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), allow them to volunteer their services to assist us on game days and attend the annual presentation luncheon. We actively encourage players families and carers to become members and share in the fun with their children and/or clients.

  5. What is registration and why do I need to be registered?

    Registration is two-fold. Firstly, all players must register to play our sports to be covered by our liability insurance in case of injury during the games. Individual players must register in the wheelchair that they normally use for sports. There is no individual player registration fee as this is covered by the initial 12 month membership fee. However, a team registration fee is payable by the club that the registered player is a part of.

    Secondly, registration is necessary for ensuring that teams adhere to our rules regarding the number of players allowed on each team, which in turn then allows us to identify teams that are short of players which new members may join.

  6. What type of chair can I use?

    N.S.W. Push And Power Sports Inc. caters for players who use either electric powerdrive chairs or manual push chairs. When a member registers to play in a team, they are asked to nominate the type of chair they will be playing our sports in and they are only allowed to play using that chair. If a person uses a push chair for every day use, but registers to play our sports in an electric chair, then they may only only play in that chair. If a members disablitiy is one that is degenerative (such as Muscular Dystrophy) and they begin a competition season using one type of chair and change to a new chair during the season, that new chair will be the only chair they may use for the remainder of the season. Any form of electric scooter is not permissable due to safety considerations.

  7. Do you provide chairs for people who only use them for playing sports rather than every day?

    N.S.W. Push And Power Rugby League Inc. does not provide chairs for players for a number of reasons such as maintenance/storage costs and insurance issues.

  8. Will I need a uniform?

    Thre is no official Push And Power uniform and teams generally wear the jersey of the football club that sponsors them or a top that has been provided by a non sporting club sponsor. The only requirements in the way of uniforms is that all team members wear the same tops and that they have their player number on the chest and both sleeves of a size that can be read from a distance by referees and linespersons. A number on the front of the top is necessary to assist team members and game officials to identify you during the games.

  9. Are there any physical limitations that would exclude me from playing?

    There are few physical limitations that would exclude someone from playing our sports. As long as a person can control the movement of either an electric powerdrive wheelchair or manual push wheelchair, they can play. There may be some issues with hearing and sight impaired persons as they may find some aspects of the games difficult. People with speech difficulties would find it difficult in our Rugby League games where passing the ball involves calling out other players numbers, but if a person can show they are able to play with confidence, then they are welcome to have a go.

  10. Am I covered by any sort of insurance if I am injured or my chair is damaged whilst playing one of the sports?

    As a member of N.S.W. Push And Power Sports Inc. and a registered player on a team in our competition, you will be covered by insurance for personal injury only while participating in our games.

    It is stressed that players accept that the use of their day to day wheelchairs in our sports is at their own risk and, due to the high probability of chair to chair contact in our sports, all responsibility for repairs to chairs damaged while participating in the games will be the owners.

    Any injuries to players that occur outside of the game environment and official game days (for example travelling to or from the stadium, training days etc) are not covered by N.S.W. Push And Power Rugby League Inc. liability insurance. Any persons volunteering their services within the game environment, such as refereeing or running lines, will be covered by our liability insurance whilst performing those duties. As scorers, timekeepers and spectators are not permitted onto the field of play during games, they are generally not entitled to any liability claims.

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